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​Travel expense management:

 An eye on all costs

With perfect monitoring and controlling.

Data transparency instead of

data chaos 

Travel management with foresight

Data, facts, key figures: we offer you maximum control over your travel expenses. You will receive travel data from us in real-time. Very easy to understand, clearly prepared, and very easy to process further. In this way, you can easily identify potential savings and use possible synergy effects. Whether full support from your personal Central Travel contact person or comprehensive implementation of our powerful reporting tools in your applications: We offer you cost control, transparency, and savings in your travel expenses. Apart from that we also keep an eye on your travel guidelines and company rates. Additionally, we have competitive offers for flights, hotels, and rental cars. Innovative booking options and technologies support our best buy promise. 

LCC Reporting

All figures at a glance

With the innovative LCC Reporting, we ensure the monitoring, control, and optimization of your travel costs. To make sure that you always have an overview, even with a high volume of business trips, we provide you with a global reporting tool, web-based if desired. In addition to monthly standard reports containing travel-relevant key figures, individual evaluations are also possible at any time. LCC Reporting gives you a detailed insight into your travel data. Moreover, the tool forms an important basis for successful contract negotiations with service providers such as airlines, car rental companies, or hotel chains. 


​​​Our reporting provides you with a comprehensive overview of all travel-related data. This means that you always have an overview of your business travel expenses and receive reliable information on how to optimize your travel costs.

Let's talk about your company's needs and learn more about our solutions.

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