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Responsible Business Travel 

Everything you need for business trips, delegations & meetings, home and abroad.

Travel greener. Save costs. Protect the environment.

To conserve resources, we can take environmental aspects into account when planning your trip and offer you the option to offset CO₂ emissions through environmental protection projects.


The focus is on companies with a lot of business travel, which we support with multiple aspects, from offsetting CO₂ generated by travel to customized travel management measures to save both CO₂ and money.

Sustainable Travel

Supporting you

We support you in the selection of environmentally friendly hotels and means of transport, there is no need for time-consuming research. We also support you with CO2 accounting and CO2 compensation. On request, Central Travel can take over the entire process for corporate customers, from calculating CO2 emissions to receiving a donation receipt.

Our offer. Your advantage 

You receive detailed, clear, and transparent statements of your emissions from all sub-areas of business travel. The calculation is based on the recognized international standards GHG, GRI, ICAO, DEFRA, and VFU as well as the VDR standard.   
Certified according to the highest standards of the UN (CDM) and Gold Standard. Donation receipt and certificate. Marketing and communication material is freely available. 

CO2 compensation 

In order to compensate for CO2 emissions, the compensation amount is only included in so-called “Gold Standard climate protection projects” for CO2 savings. These are projects that promote sustainable development through the use of renewable energies or energy efficiency.

CO2 balancing

Central Travel as part of Lufthansa City Center relies on the strict standards of the Association of German Travel Management (VDR). This allows the CO2 emissions to be precisely balanced, compared, classified, and presented in the sustainability report. The method not only records flights but also cars, trains, hotels, and events.

Let's talk about your company's needs and learn more about our solutions.

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